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Vers-eau non-alcoholic aperitif

Vers-eau non-alcoholic aperitif

by Vers-eau

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Vers-eau is a new non-alcoholic aperitif created from Midwestern grapes and botanicals. I drink it with Topo Chico and ice, but there are a zillion recipes you can try; Vers-seau sends some recipe ideas along with every bottle.

No alcohol, no added sugar. There is soooo much to the flavor of Vers-eau. I don't consider myself anything even remotely close to a grape aficionado and when I drink Vers-eau I can savor the flavor for minutes trying to identify the parts that make up its delicious, complex whole.

"For all seasons and all reasons." Anyone can enjoy a non-alcoholic aperitif.

16oz. bottle (about 10 servings).

10% of the proceeds from every order go to Sylvanaqua Farms' mutual aid fund, which is building infrastructure to end food apartheid.

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