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Postcard Set

Postcard Set

by Noah Kalina

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Noah Kalina is one of my favorite photographers. You may know him from his ultra-viral "Everyday" project. For the last several years, Noah has lived in Lumberland, New York, where he makes photos of trees, the landscape, and his celebrity-like photogenic rooster, Marcel. Many of his landscape photos, like his photos of his face, incorporate the element of time. He is up in New York State quietly-ish creating vast series of years-spanning, eye-opening work.

Each set of postcards contains 5 postcards that Noah culled from batches he's created over the years. They're printed on nice stock with high-quality matte coating. Each set is different; yours won't look exactly like the example here.

While you're waiting for your postcards to arrive, check out Noah's award-worthy newsletter.

10% of the proceeds from every order go to Sylvanaqua Farms' mutual aid fund, which is building infrastructure to end food apartheid.

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