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Avrom Farm Gift Card

Avrom Farm Gift Card

by Avrom Farm

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When Hayden Holbert and I were kids playing in our band The Blisters, it wasn't unusual to find Hayden reading a book about raising chickens in the time between sound check and the show. Today he runs Avrom Farm, a vegetable and pasture-based livestock farm in Green Lake, Wisconsin, on land that formerly hosted his grandfather Lester Schwartz's sculpture and painting studio.

At Avrom Farm Hayden integrates the raising of animals and plants in a way that obviates many of the tools and materials that make other farms wasteful. The soil is kept nutrient-rich by pigs and chickens and the animals in turn are fed partly by pastures after vegetable crops are rotated out of them. It's a virtuous-cycle style of farming that countless generations have relied upon.

You will receive this gift card code via email, which you can then redeem on to purchase food for pickup or home delivery to Chicago and certain localities in Wisconsin.

10% of the proceeds from every order go to Sylvanaqua Farms' mutual aid fund, which is building infrastructure to end food apartheid.

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