A verdant hill in front of a bright blue, cloudless sky, with the phrase SPOON'S STORE digitally superimposed on the sky, as if it were written by a skywriting plane.

January 2022


Thanks for signing up for the Spoon’s General Store email list this week. Here’s the deal with that… Four times a year (and sometimes in between), I’m going to put up a collection of stuff made by artists I admire. There will be a range of clothes, home goods, prints, books, zines, sculptures, paintings, and the occasional weird AF item.

My goals with the store are: (1) to direct money and attention to artists I like, (2) to make some money for myself, and (3) to facilitate the creation of some fun, “delightful” things… stuff you’re glad exists.

And my main goal while doing that will be to interact with suppliers and workers and you in a way that’s maximally fair and conscientious of our tenuously livable environment.

The other thing I would like to tell you in this official letter is that I’m doing this because I love shipping systems (really). I love making websites. And I love art. So why not roll those loves into an experiment? I was pleasantly surprised by how many people signed up to hear more about the store. So, I hope it lives up to your expectations and that you end up finding something you love from an artist I love sometime soon.

The first collection is tentatively titled “Plant Something.” Out in March. [Ed: Out now.]

Thanks again and please stay safe.


Special thanks to Steph Davidson for creating the BreadClip Neue font that I'm using in the logo.